Did you hear about someone ditching their 9-to-5 job to travel the world while working remotely? If your answer is yes, this isn’t a coincidence as more and more people decide to become digital nomads and make money while getting to see all the most beautiful places on the planet. And in case you’re wondering how they do it, listed below are the top five ways to make money as a digital nomad.

Start a blog

One of the best ways digital nomads can make money is to start a blog. If you’ve decided to quit your job and travel the world, blogging about it really does look like a dream job. You get to share reports from your travels and build an audience that’ll patiently wait for your next post. The best part of it is that running a blog is now much easier than it was when blogs first became a thing. If you opt to use WordPress, you don’t have to think about the technical side of having a blog. This means you can just focus on producing content for your followers. In case you’re not that much writing, you can also choose to start a blog in video form and make money by running a YouTube channel.

Work as a freelancer

Just because you want to become a digital nomad, it doesn’t mean you can’t work in the same industry you do now. No matter where you decide to travel, you can always do freelance work in your sector. Whether you’re a marketing expert, a content writer, or an architect, there are companies looking to hire freelancers in your field. It’s all about connecting with them and building your profile. For starters, you can register on websites such as Upwork and Freelancer, and work on landing your first freelance job. Once you make a name for yourself, there should be nothing stopping you from traveling to any place you want and not having to worry about work. You can even create your own schedule and adjust it to your trips.

Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing has gained a lot of attention lately and most companies now have affiliate programs you can join. The way it works is that you promote their products on your website and get a commission for every customer you bring. If you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need to choose a niche you’re passionate or knowledgeable about. That way, you can constantly produce content for your website and help companies you work with make more sales. For example, if you’re into iGaming, becoming a casino affiliate can turn out to be an amazing idea. You get to write about slot and other online casino games and get paid for every new player you bring.

Manage social media pages

Another awesome job idea for digital nomads is to become a social media manager. Let’s face it, every business needs to be on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. After all, that’s where they get to communicate with their customers directly and keep them up-to-date with their new products. Business owners usually don’t have the time to manage these pages and they usually end up hiring a social media manager who can work from home or wherever they are. This makes being a social media manager a dream job for every digital nomad. The best part of it is that all you need to do is take a social media management course before you start applying for jobs.

Teach English online

Teaching English online has gone a long way since it first emerged and now, there are plenty of online schools you can work in. As long as you have a laptop and a web camera with you, you can teach English from wherever you are. A number of online schools hire both native and non-native speakers, meaning that you can land a job in one of them even if you’re not from an English-speaking country. If you want, you can take a course in TEFL, just to make sure you can get hired in most of the schools. Most of the time, you have to pass an interview before you start working with students. Work schedules usually differ from one school to another and it’s all about finding one that suits your needs.

The bottom line

For those who’ve always wanted to travel the world or work from a café, becoming a digital nomad truly is a great idea. Not only that there are plenty of jobs that allow freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, but it’s also a new and exciting way of living. If you’ve decided to become a digital nomad, consider the five job ideas covered in this post and making a buck while traveling will be easy.