ashton kutcher
ashton kutcher

You might be an enthusiast of Ashton Kutcher’s mustache, and you may not be. It doesn’t generally make a difference. The thing is setting down deep roots.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show, Kutcher disclosed to Jimmy Fallon the sources of his present facial hair — and it turns out everything returns to an Adele party.

“My significant other has a companion who’s this exceptionally acclaimed English vocalist, allows simply state, and she tosses these birthday parties and they’re somewhat luxurious,” says Kutcher, before Fallon promptly cuts in and surmises Adele. After a short singing recess, Kutcher proceeds to depict how he discovered upon the arrival of the gathering that it was ’70s themed — subsequently the mustache.

“So we appear and I’m looking round, and no one else is in 1970s anything!” says Kutcher. “The topic for the gathering’s 1930s New Year and I look like ****ing Burt Reynolds from Boogie Nights!”

The reason the mustache presently can’t seem to be shaved off?

“Presently it’s a disdain stache and I’m keeping it!” declares Kutcher.