The procedure and the work required to be done for developing a website are called web development. These websites are mainly used over the internet accessible globally or to some private networks which are accessible to a few. This entire process ranges from building simple static web sites to complex dynamic web sites for companies and other business purposes.

What is web development?

There are several web development companies available for designing and developing web sites for you. The main task of a web development company is to engineer the working of the websites then to design the websites and to provide the content for the websites too. Some of the other tasks that involve in web development are to provide proper network security and configure it properly and to provide e-commerce development for the company.

What does mainly web development mean?

According to the web developers the term web development refers to coding part only that is it means the backend of the website only that is to develop the code for the working of the web sites and provide the proper markup for the web sites for fluent movement of the web site when in use. The process of web development uses content management systems in short known as CMS to create the changes in the content of the web site easily and efficiently with the use of some basic skills. For big companies, they assign a team of developers for developing the web sites for their company, and especially the team of developers may consist of hundreds of people and all the developers follow a special methodology to build the website for their company whereas smaller companies or business who have just started up goes for a single developer to develop their web sites. And on the other hand, the secondary assignments of designing the web sites are assigned to a graphic ded]signer or an information system technician.

The entire web sites that you visit day to day searching or logging in through a search engine or a browser are not created by a single domain focussed technician rather it is a collaboration of several departments of studies of the developers. There are mainly three types of developers front end developers, back end developers and the full stack developer whatever you can see when you open a web site is designed by the front end developers whereas the back end developers mainly deals with the functionality part of the website or the main coding part of the web site.

How is it important?

The IT industry is the most rapidly grown industry in the past few years and since the commercialization of the internet or the web started the web development industry has been the fastest-growing industry. Therefore this growth of industry affects a lot in the business too. There are different methods to develop a web site. There are several open-source tools available in the market to start developing your first web site. Some free tools are BerkeleyDB, GlassFish, Lamp for Linux and Xammp for any operating system. This growth of the industry creates a profitable amount of the economy and ultimately contributing to the economy of the country. This in return creates a balance in the economic condition of the country. With the rise in the demand for a web development company in Delhi, the increase in the number of web developers is also simultaneously increasing. This is because the availability of the free tools is more and developers knowing some relevant programming and scripting language can develop web sites easily.