The social networking apps have grabbed attention of post-millennial generation keeping them stick to their smartphones for hours. The time they spend on social apps is the riskiest because this is when they are likely to experience several dangers out there. The apps like Facebook, Instagram and Tinder make teenagers experience cyberbullying, predation, self-harm activities, sexual exploitation and body-shame. In this article, we have discussed the dangerous social media apps and the ways to deal with these threats.

Dangerous Social Media Apps

There are scores of social networking applications rightly available fetching attention of teenagers. We have discussed here some of the riskiest social media apps that kids should not be allowed to use.


Facebook is the most popular social networking app having billions of users worldwide. It allows users to post and share their thoughts, events and plans in form of text and visuals. The app also allows communicating with people across the world with text messages, multimedia messages, voice calls and video calls. It encourages users to share personal information such as contact numbers, residential address, and email address and so on.

The platform is being used by bullies and online predators to access and victimize the target. They misuse the information provided by the user for sexual exploitation. The predators gain attention of the target with flattery and convince them to enter into romantic relationship. Moreover, the online bullying is very common on Facebook.


Instagram is the most commonly used photo and video sharing platform. The Instagrammers can post and share their photos and videos with people across the world. The app is promoting body-shaming by letting scoundrels to make humiliating comments on photos of those who do not have ideal body shape. Moreover, the Instagram users are more likely to receive bullying comments on their posts.


Snapchat is another popular social media app and instant messenger offering photo filters and self-deleted messages. The app has gained great attention of teenagers letting them exchange sexually explicit messages that get automatically deleted from sending and receiving device. Many teenage girls and boys use the instant messenger for considering it safe for sexting. However, the screenshots of objectionable photos and videos exchanged via Snapchat get distributed and misused by scoundrels.


Tinder is a commonly used dating and social media app. It is intended for those who are looking for romantic partner. When two people choose each other for dating, the app opens messaging feature and let them plan meet-up. The platform is being used by sex offenders to trap adolescents and find partners for one-night-stand. There is no way to verify data provided by the Tinder user. It is very likely that the person you are dating is a predator.

How to Prevent Social Media Apps Dangers

The first and foremost thing is awareness. If you want to protect your kids from menaces of social media apps, you are required to educate them about these threats. Let them know what is cyberbullying and online child predation and how these threats can be combated. Given are a few effective practices to prevent dangers of social media apps for Teenagers.

Monitor Social Media Apps

To protect your kids from the online dangers, parents are needed to supervise their social media usage. They must know what social media apps their kids use and what they do on these socializing platforms. They can also make use of social media monitoring app to keep an eye on digital activities of children. The app enables parents to monitor their kids’ chats, posts, comments and friend-list.

Set Digital Rules

It is important that you set digital rules to help your kids to use the social networking platforms securely and responsibly. Here are some of the most effective digital rules to ensure kids’ online safety.

  • Do not permit using age-inappropriate social media apps. Let them know they can enjoy these apps once they reach certain age.
  • Set screen time and limit use of digital devices. You can forbid using cell phone or going online after a specific time of the day.
  • Do not allow setting public social media profiles as anyone can make comments on public posts.
  • Do not allow accepting requests from unknown persons.
  • Let them know what kind of information they can share on social media apps. Disallow sharing personal information, nude photos and objectionable stuff.

Hope this article would help learn about the dangerous social media apps. Do not allow your kids to use these apps or monitor their socializing activities to protect them from dangers.