stranger things
stranger things

More peculiar Things is known for its promise to fusing ’80s popular culture into the show, and the most recent season gets a dearest melodic symbol.

The arrangement gave a shoutout to Weird Al Yankovic in two unobtrusive Season 3 shoutouts. In the second scene of the period, science educator and A.V. club boss Mr. Clarke sticks out to the spoof lord’s “My Bologna,” a brazen hit at The Knack’s “My Sharona.”

In the following scene, Dustin wears a vintage Weird Al shirt β€” he’s plainly a fan.

The declaration started a couple of jokes about naming the show Weirder Things.

Some were simply upbeat that Weird Al was back in the spotlight.

Mr. Clarke’s geekiness truly sparkled in this scene.

The BTS armed force might be solid, however Weird Al has an army of abnormal geeks pulling for him.