Facebook-claimed Instagram was one of the first applications to grasp a dull subject alternative, yet Facebook isn’t exactly prepared at this point to have an undeniable dim mode choice prepared for its center application presently. To the extent reports go, the organization has been attempting to prepare a dim mode for the Facebook Android application for quite a long time, yet things have been moving at snails pace as far as progress.

Be that as it may, according to a report by Android Police, beginning today, significantly more individuals have begun to see the new dull subject in the Facebook application. We’re as yet not persuaded that Facebook has at long last nailed the component for Android clients and is making it accessible for everybody.

The screen captures that individuals have sent in so far likewise propose that Facebook isn’t exactly there presently or presumably as yet holding on to fix certain things before a full turn out. The screen captures additionally uncover that Facebook isn’t taking a shot at genuine dark dim mode, similar to the Instagram group. The Facebook application for Android will rather get a grayish dim mode, like what we’d seen on Twitter before the ‘Lights Out’ dim mode was presented.

It’s likewise significant that its simply been a day since WhatsApp at last figured out how to convey the exceptionally foreseen dim topic to Android beta clients. That also isn’t accurate dark, however should help decrease strain on the eye in darker conditions, particularly given how blinding the Facebook application gets in a dull room.

We can’t guarantee you that you’ll see the new dull topic immediately, yet we’re sure it won’t take long until Facebook will begin a more extensive turn out of the component, so don’t get excessively restless.