If an Indian student plans to do his medical studies from abroad, an MBBS in Georgia makes an excellent choice. An MBBS from Georgia offers the best quality of medical education and prosperous career in medicine following the studies.

Currently, over 5000 Indian students are enrolled in Georgian medical colleges. This makes the scenario more convenient for Indian students who aspire to do their MBBS from Georgia.

Georgia medical college fees

For an MBBS admission in Georgia, a student should have completed his 10+2 from a recognized board with PCB as subjects. The duration of an MBBS course from Georgia is 6 years, with 5 years of theoretical learning and 1 year of internship. So an MBBS in Georgia fee structure and tenure are both on the same lines as that for MBBS in Ukraine. As compared to other European countries, MBBS in Georgia fee is more affordable.

This is one of the factors that make Georgia an attractive destination for Indian medical students who wish to complete their medical education from abroad.

MCI approved medical colleges in Georgia offers an MBBS degree to pass out students, wherein the total financial investment for tuition fees, accommodation, and miscellaneous expenses come in the line of 15-20 lakhs. As of current, there are 24 MCI approved medical colleges in Georgia. They include DTMU University Georgia, Tbilisi state medical university Georgia, and Geomedi University Georgia.

Tuition fees in a Georgia medical college are five times more moderate as compared to those in an Indian private medical college. This is one of the reasons why Indian students choose to take a seat in the Georgian medical colleges, over private medical colleges in India. An MBBS from Georgia is a fine option. The quality of education is good. This is combined with lower fees.

The competition for seats in Indian medical colleges is high. The numbers of deserving and dedicated candidates are many, but the seats in government medical colleges are limited.

In Indian government medical colleges, one is selected by merit. However, in Indian private medical colleges, the donation factor comes into play.

Hence Georgian universities, which offer medical education and degrees at a five times lower fee as compared to Indian private medical colleges come by as a feasible option to go ahead with.

Practicing in India following an MBBS from a Georgian medical college

An Indian student need not have to worry about practicing in India after getting an MBBS from a Georgian medical university. But one has to make sure that one gets admission into an MCI approved medical college only. Don’t apply for or take admission into a medical college which is not approved by the MCI.

After an MBBS degree is granted by a Georgian medical college which is approved by the MCI, a student is required to clear the FMGE test for practicing medicine in India. FMGE is an acronym for the foreign medical graduate examination.

So one can do his MBBS from Georgia and still practice medicine in India.

NEET is the entrance examination for all medical aspirants in India. The students are required to qualify for the NEET examination before they take admission into a medical college.

There are cases wherein Indian students take admission into a Georgian medical university without qualifying for the NEET examination. Practicing medicine in India may come by as a problem for such students, after obtaining their MBBS degrees.

The NEET test was made compulsory for the Indian medical students aspiring to do their MBBS from Georgia because the NEET test defines the capability of the student. Clearing the FMGE test, after obtaining an MBBS degree from a Georgian medical university is going to be a difficulty if the student is not able to clear the NEET test before taking admission.

There are some cases wherein an Indian student takes admission into a Georgian medical university which is not approved by the MCI. Many options open up for these students as well.

Georgia is a part of Europe. It is recognized for European education and a lifestyle. A student may choose to stay over in Georgia and practice medicine from over there. Alternately, Georgian medical degrees are recognized across Europe and Canada/the United States. A student may choose to practice medicine in these countries or pursue his higher studies from there. The student may also choose to pursue his higher studies from Georgia.

English is the medium of learning in Georgian Medical Universities

MBBS in Georgia for Indian students is conducted with English as the medium of studies. The same is the case for other overseas students.

English is the medium of studies in most of the colleges approved by MCI and the WHO. This enhances classroom learning and improves interaction with professors.

Top reasons to go for an MBBS course from Georgia

  • The universities are recognized worldwide
  • Admission processes are simpler
  • The medium of teaching is English
  • No donation policy
  • There is no need to appear for an entrance test to get admission into an MBBS college
  • A few of the Georgian universities alternately volunteer to train Indian students for FMGE, the MCI screening test necessary to practice medicine in India for graduates from foreign universities.
  • Education is cost-effective.
  • The colleges are recognized by prime medical councils, such as the WHO, FAIMER, the UNO and the MCI.
  • Syllabus in Georgian medical universities is updated and comprehensive. It augurs well for the students throughout their medical careers.
  • There is a balanced focus on theoretical and practical education.
  • The faculties in Georgian medical colleges are internationally acclaimed.
  • Transportation systems in Georgia are the best across the world.
  • Medical universities across Georgia feature student exchange programs. They are with medical students at worldwide locations, such as the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, and the UK.
  • Indian students are also eligible for a range of scholarships for which they need to apply. The scholarships will cover tuition fees, hostel fees, and healthcare expenditures.
  • Georgia is among the safest countries in Europe for overseas students.