The printer is a very important device for daily use. However, quality printing is the need of today.  And no other printers are as good in quality as HP printers. They are manufactured with high-quality material using the latest technology and tools. HP has already launched multiple printers with different specifications and properties. You need to figure out the best printer model that meets your requirements. The company(HP) reached its milestone when it produced the world’s first desktop laser printer.

Furthermore, it has been producing many other laser printer models which are very well received by the users.  Nonetheless, technical devices always tend to corrupt in severe condition and so are HP printers. Whenever such a condition pops out with your printer, make sure you have aligned your printer in a proper manner.

But, It becomes quite frustrating when you want to print something urgently but mangled paper junk stuck into your printer leading to a ghost paper jam. If you are using an HP printer, then this guide might help you in solving the issue of HP printer paper jam:

  1. Try to turn the printer off and then switch it on again: First, try to switch off your device from the power button and it doesn’t work, then disconnect the cord of the printer. After waiting for a minute, reconnect the printer cord and switch on your printer.

If the issue still persists,  then you can try the another step.

  1. Look for the stuck junk in your printer: Clear all the shredded junk from the front, Tray 1 area, Tray 2 area and Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).

If the error persists even after removing all jammed paper from the printer, then you must try the next step.

  1. Ensure that the paper transfers freely: Disconnect the power cord of the printer without switching the printer off. Take out the USB cable from the rear of the printer. Pull out the slot on the left side of the printer. Search for the remaining paper junk inside with the help of a flashlight. If there are papers inside, pull them out gently. Then push the slot back, reconnect the power cord and USB cable of the printer and switch on the device.
  2. Clear the paper feeder rolls off the printer properly: Any type of dust or paper junk must be cleaned perfectly to clear the ghost jam.
  3. Reset your printer: Try to setup HP printer again which can help to remove the false paper jam of your printer and try to print something again.