Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston may just have been on Instagram for about a day, yet she’s now traveled past 11 million adherents – coolly breaking a world record all the while. To be reasonable, her first post — a gathering selfie with her co-stars from Friends — was an incredibly solid approach to open.

In the clasp above from Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Aniston discusses her choice to join the application — or rather, her choice to at long last bow under the strain to join.

“What you oppose, persevere, so what the hello,” she tells Kimmel, before conceding she hasn’t invested a lot of energy taking a gander at Instagram yet. “I’m simply attempting to ‘assemble content’, as is commonly said,” she jokes.

The uplifting news? That selfie unquestionably is anything but a unique case. Aniston has just posted another video, and she says she has a selfie fixed up and all set with Diane Sawyer (who she ate with as a major aspect of her exploration for The Morning Show).

Discussing building content, she likewise figures out how to catch an Instagram-prepared selfie with Kimmel before the meeting is finished. Well that is some great performing multiple tasks.