joaquin phoenix
joaquin phoenix

Todd Phillips’ Joker, the darkest film at any point considered from a DC comic run is all the rage (each town beginning from Venice). Joaquin Phoenix stars as Gotham’s criminal jokester and it’s radiating each one of those Academy Award vibes as of now. We generally realized this Joker would have been altogether different based on what we’re accustomed to looking out for the years. After every one of those notorious depictions of the character on screen, we have a Joker who doesn’t have anything to do with comic precision or DCEU progression. It’s an independent spine chiller and that was moved toward from the earliest starting point.

When Joker closes you’ll be too overpowered by the sheer splendor of its hero’s acting hacks or excessively passionate from the emotional story you’ve seen. Be that as it may, you will seek after something more, the manner in which you do in each comic book film – a post-credit scene. For congruity and for the purpose for fan administration, most movies of the superhuman type will have post-credit scenes. These are then deliberately analyzed and dismantled by fandoms for a considerable length of time and months. It’s likewise where we get the majority of our fan hypotheses and theories from. Joker, in any case, doesn’t have a post-credit scene and it doesn’t offer any hint about the eventual fate of Arthur Fleck. Maybe this mirrors the solitary idea of the character’s story.

After much thinking about, the executive has at long last tended to the inquiry and uncovered why we don’t have a post-credit scene. In a meeting with GamesRadar, Todd Phillips spilt the beans regarding the matter.

“The possibility of a post-credits scene in this motion picture would appear to be off-base, and excessively light for me. That wouldn’t have been something we did.” – Todd Phillips

He at that point proceeded to clarify that there was a proposal made by Joaquin Phoenix himself that didn’t make the cut. In the wake of comprehending what it is, you’ll wish the movie producer had gotten the thought.

“Yet, Joaquin [Phoenix] said it is amusing to put bloopers close by the names as they did in the past times.” – Todd Phillips

Picture bloopers of that move Arthur Fleck does on the stairs and persuade yourself you don’t generally require it. On a progressively genuine note, to us, the manner in which Joker finished was just flawless. It was similarly as significant as the story and caught the vibe of the film really well. Fans may contend that a tab bit of more impressions was required however for an independent film with no aim of joining some other film run, a conclusive consummation bodes well.