Game of Thrones Season 8 has had a considerable amount of contentions, from espresso containers and mineral water jugs showing up in scenes to fans beginning petitions for a change of the period since they are miserable. What’s more, even now, while the cast of the show is off doing different things in their vocation, they can’t evade the aftermath from Season 8. One such cast part who gets immersed with these inquiries is Sophie Turner.

Sophie stars in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, a film she needed to start advancing appropriate as Game of Thrones finished. Normally, inquiries regarding the last season sprung up in for all intents and purposes each meeting she gave.

The entertainer as of late showed up on Conan, where host Conan O’Brien really wanted to raise the Coffee-door and what number of fans thought Sophie was in charge of it since the glass was in Sansa’s seat. Moreover, a few fans had additionally shared an image of Sophie in her Sansa Stark ensemble, holding the espresso mug, and presenting with Bella Ramsay (Lyanna Mormont).

At the point when Sophie was asked before, she had passed the fault on to Emilia Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen in the show. In any case, in the Conan scene, she changed her position and said that it was unquestionably Kit Harington otherwise known as Jon Snow who had left the espresso mug lying around.

Additionally, she felt free to give an iron-clad plausible excuse for why the container couldn’t have been left there by her or even Emilia Clarke. What’s more, it has something to do with girdles. Here, investigate.

Sophie Turner’s Dark Phoenix hasn’t been getting great audits, with some notwithstanding considering it the more regrettable film in the X-Men establishment.

However, in any event, she’s demonstrated her innocence in the espresso mug contention and given us a conceivable suspect in Kit Harington. The Jon Snow on-screen character is right now in a luxury recovery office, getting treated for pressure and liquor addiction after the finish of Game of Thrones.