Video editing has recently become one of the most popular businesses, with platforms like YouTube becoming more common. In addition to this, with the rapid development of technology and the increase in our internet speed, video editing works with the devices we have become both easier and more enjoyable.

In this article we have prepared for you, we have gathered the list of the best online video editing editors. If you have been looking for a video editor recently, we show you a list of everything we could find with some basic information to have a single source for comparing them all


FlexClip Video Maker, founded in 2018, is one of the easiest video editing tools on the internet. It has sophisticated advanced technology that allows its users easier and flexibility when editing their videos. You can cut your videos to the length you want and turn images, sounds and videos into a single project to create personal content. This diversity also allows users to control the reproduction duration of each image, as well as to choose which effects, backgrounds, and transitions occur between the images.


WeVideo work, a fully equipped online video editing program, allows people working on the project to on the file at any time. The program offers many features such as transition effects between videos, text insertions, video in the video, green screen technology, and music library. With WeVideo, you can also transfer all your projects directly to your Google Drive account. In the Android application, it is possible to shoot for your projects directly from your phone.


PowtoonIf you are going to make an explanatory video about your product, create video content about the instructions for use or edit videos for educational purposes, PowToon is for you. You can easily create the theme you want thanks to the drag and drop style arrangement.


With Wideo, you can work on your existing photos, videos, and audio files, and create animated videos with drag-and-drop technique. You can take advantage of the ready-made text, animation, drawing and visual library for animation videos, ideal for marketing campaigns.


Kizoa, which is appreciated by its wide range of effects, offers users the possibility of producing very professional videos. The program, which has many animations for more personal productions in its library, is ideal for personalizing the details of the videos such as location, size, duration, and timing.

6.Video ToolBox

Introduced as the future of video editing, the Video ToolBox is a free online video correction tool that provides highly detailed information about bit rate, encoder, frame rate and resolution. It is a basic and free online video editor that offers video conversion, cut / split, demux, resizing, subtitles, audio stream insertion, cutting, watermarks, and file merging.


Magisto is an automatic video editing solution. The idea is to automate the video editing work, allowing users to upload their videos, choose a title and a soundtrack, and then sit down while Magisto edits their video for them. Algorithm Magisto is designed to analyze images to determine the best parts and then edit the parts, along with effects and transitions to make a video that would take hours if users did it on their own.