Video games take us to the realm where we have the freedom to do things that we might not probably be able to do in reality. The constant thrills and amazing experience are the very reasons why everyone loves to play games despite what their age is. With the advancement in technology, the gaming industry is evolving at an exponential pace.

The games that we play today are entirely different than what we used to play a decade back. The games launched today are getting more realistic day by day and providing a fantastic experience to gamers all around the world.

                               The transformation of gaming platforms

 Also, it’s not only the games that are getting modified but also the platforms where you play the games. Today, the industry has moved to the cloud platform where you can play all your favourite games remotely from other servers.

Often, the local hardware lacks the features required to play specific games. But, with the help of the cloud platform, the gamers will be able to play all those games easily. Let us understand clearly about cloud gaming and how it works.

                                      What exactly is cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is the concept where the person can play video games using remote hardware that is connected via an external server. So, you no longer need to purchase expensive gaming hardware to play your favourite games. Earlier to play games, a person requires a handset of hardware including:

  • Console
  • Gaming PC
  • Set-top box

Now, you don’t need to buy all these hardware or borrow loans for unemployed to boost your gaming career. Instead, you could go with the option of cloud gaming option where all the games will be directly streamed on your device. There is no doubt that for a smooth stream, a fast internet connection is mandatory.

The faster will be the speed of the internet connection; the better will be your gaming experience. The best thing about cloud gaming is that it lets you play tons of games at any device such as:

  • Phone
  • Tablet
  • Notebook
  • Laptop
  • PC
                                 How to get started with cloud gaming

To avail cloud gaming services, you will have to contact the companies who provide such services. You will have to pay the subscription fees that will be charged monthly, and now a few providers offer cloud gaming services, such as:

  • Google Stadia
  • PlayStation Now
  • Vortex Cloud Gaming
  • Project X cloud
  • GeForce Now
  • Shadow

Every one of these providers has different fee structure and offers a diverse gaming ecosystem, so you can choose any one of them you are comfortable with.

Reasons for the vast popularity of cloud gaming


There are tons of reasons why cloud computing is getting popular day by day and is used by people all across the world. Here, we have enlisted some of the major reasons behind this that you must know:

No latency:  The first and most prominent reason is that cloud gaming platform gives the gamers the ability to stream games to your devices easily without any inconvenience.

No compromise with quality: Another great benefit of playing games in a cloud platform is that you get the same quality as in the high-end systems. You will be able to enjoy the game with the resolution of 60 frame-per-seconds and that too on 4K, but make sure that the internet speed is good.

No storage problem: Games being launched nowadays requires a big space for downloading. It means that you don’t only need fast internet speed to download such games but also storage on the device to install.  But, with cloud gaming, you will not face such issues as you will not have to download the game stream and play.

No more hardware limitation: Remember the old days when you inserted the game disc on your CPU but couldn’t play it because of the lack of graphic card or had enough RAM. All those moments were significant reasons for stress in our teenage life.  Today, all such problems will not face because the games at cloud platform run with remote hardware. Thus, you need to worry about all that stuff.

Can be integrated with TVs and other devices:  Another significant benefit of cloud gaming is that you could easily integrate it with any of the accessories such as TV, phones and others provide they have the required software.

Wrapping up, this was everything that you need to know about cloud gaming and how it works. It indeed provides tons of benefits to the gamers and has brought a paradigm shift in the gaming community.

Description: Gone are the days when you needed expensive hardware to play your favourite games. Today, you can get along with that with the help of cloud gaming.