Bogus copyright strikes have tormented the YouTube content maker network for quite a while. Numerous YouTubers have raised the issue on various events and the organization has not been so responsive. Be that as it may, YouTube with its new update to the Studio is attempting to help makers on its foundation with more instruments and better data.

YouTube has enabled content makers to follow the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) asserts on the studio dashboard. The makers will approach more data from the takedown notice put together by the inquirer.

The new Assisted Trim element will be accessible on the subtleties page that can be utilized by the makers to evacuate the copyrighted substance in the video which all the while discharges the case. The endpoints of the trim are preset by YouTube and can’t be changed at this point. Makers can undoubtedly get to a rundown of their guaranteed recordings either through Content ID or copyright strikes.

Music maker TheFatRat who has seen a lot of bogus cases on YouTube had a positive response to the update. FatRat is well known for his glitch-jump music on the stage and had gotten a copyright strike on a video through ContentID—a copyright framework for content accomplices.